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Tim Kelly

Art is Good and the Puzzle Project are the creation of Tim Kelly, artist, Puzzle Project coordinator and co-founder.  Tim was born an artist and lives, works and makes art in Brooklyn, NYC. Art is Good and the Puzzle Project are the embodiment of Tim's beliefs about art and life. He truly believes that everyone can make art and not have to consider themselves an “artist”. 

The Puzzle Project was created to help people easily create something meaningful. It is best described as an expression project, not an art project. The true measure of success being that thousands of people from all walks of life have made art they are proud of and inspired many to continue creating art. Art is good for you. 

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Like most things in art and life, it is better shared. The team of artists that bring the Puzzle Art Installation & Collaborative Project to kids, teens and adults are some of the finest artists and people on this beautiful planet.

Theresa Previ

Theresa AIG4U

Theresa is the Puzzle Project CEO. As one of our pioneers, she is a great example of how connected the project truly is working alongside her husband, Dave, and her twin sister, Chrissy. Her leadership and creativity have inspired countless puzzle makers from Coast to Coast. Theresa is a glass installation artist and owner/founder of the Design and Branding firm Treemarie in Brooklyn.




Dave Previ

Dave Previ

Dave is our Chief Engineer and the perfect partner in crime, I mean art. Dave and Theresa often work in collaboration traveling here and yonder as the projects dictate. When Dave is not inspiring others to create art he is making his own in the form of music. He is a session drummer and percussion teacher. He performs in his home base of Brooklyn as well as national and international venues proving music is also good.




Chrissy Lynn

Chrissy Lynn AIG4U

Think you are seeing double? Nope, Theresa and Chrissy are in fact identical twins. Chrissy is our resident photographer based in San Francisco. She is a fine art and editorial photographer and the owner of Chrissy Lynn Love wedding photography.


Rodney Lee

Rodney Lee AIG4U

Rodney is a fine art and documentary photographer. He is a Creative Director, Producer, Film Maker and the Puzzle Projects' official documentarian. His work can be seen in National and International campaigns and film festivals. He and Tim are working in collaboration to have the Puzzle Project documentary ready for screening in 2016. Learn More Here RLEyes.com.

Artist, J Taylor Kissling


Artist, Mike Didia


Artist, Kerry O’Neill


Sharon R. Reaves

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